Thursday, January 25, 2018

Retain static IP Address from WinPe in SCCM

Sometimes there are technical limitations that we have to face with and find solutions to.
That's what happened to me lately at a customer site when no DHCP service was available, and they insist of using SCCM task sequence to deploy images.
I thought, no problem, I can create bootable media, and set the network settings soon as the boot media start:

To my surprise, the task sequence failed soon as the computer restart after apply operating system step.
Quick investigation discover that network settings did not retain from WinPe to the operating system.
To resolve that issue, I used 3 simple steps from MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit).
So first integrate MDT to SCCM console (if its not integrated already).
Then, in WinPe phase, add the following MDT steps:
  • User Toolkit Package
  • Gather
  • Run Command Line with the following command: cscript %ScriptRoot%\ZTINICConfig.wsf /ForceCapture


Thats it, now the static address will be preserved to the operating system.